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The Insightful Investor is a weekly podcast hosted by Alex Shahidi, Co-CIO of one of the nation’s leading RIAs. With over two decades of experience managing billions of dollars in client assets, Alex offers unique access to some of the world’s premier investors and business icons.

Recent Episodes

#29 – Karen Karniol-Tambour: Market Outlook, Portfolio Construction
Market Insights | Investing Insights | Featured Guests | 07.16.2024

#29 – Karen Karniol-Tambour: Market Outlook, Portfolio Construction

Karen Karniol-Tambour is Co-CIO at Bridgewater Associates, which is one of the world’s largest hedge funds. Drawing from her 18-year career at the firm, she offers valuable insights into her professional journey, Bridgewater's current market outlook, and strategies for effective portfolio construction.

#28 – Michael Kim, Kelli Fontaine: Seed Investing, Small Funds
Investing Insights | Market Insights | 07.09.2024

#28 – Michael Kim, Kelli Fontaine: Seed Investing, Small Funds

Michael is the Founder of Cendana Capital, a San Francisco-based firm that invests in very early-stage venture capital funds globally. Kelli Fontaine joined the firm 6 years ago and is a Partner. Cendana was launched in 2010 and has over $2B in assets (as of 3/31/24). Michael and Kelli provide insights into the world of VC and seed investing, why they prefer smaller funds and how they select managers.

#27 – Jacob Ziemann: AI Explained
Investing Insights | Market Insights | 07.02.2024

#27 – Jacob Ziemann: AI Explained

Jacob is a Partner and Portfolio Manager at Glynn Capital Management, which invests in private and public technology growth companies. The firm was founded 50 years ago and Jacob has been right at the forefront, witnessing AI innovation up close and regularly interfacing with pioneers from top private and public technology companies. With this uniquely insightful vantage point and a talent for simplifying complexity, Jacob summarizes artificial intelligence into easily understandable explanations.

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